I’m Phil Lunn, improviser.

“Exciting and engaging”—Voice Mag

Peformances across Europe and the USA

  • Improfest, Gothenburg (2022)
  • Online shows (2021)
  • ImproBubble, Brussels (2020)
  • Improteca, Bucharest (2019)
  • Improdrom, Bydgoszcz, Poland (2019)
  • A Curious Festival, Norway (2019)
  • Espontaneo, Lisbon (2019)
  • BIG IF 5, Barcelona (2018)
  • Improvember, Munich (2018)
  • Neverending, Romania (2018)
  • Brighton Fringe, UK (2018)
  • Improfestival Mainz, Germany (2018)
  • Out Of Bounds, Austin TX (2017)
  • West Coast MIF, San Francisco (2017)
  • Finland Int. Improv Festival (2017)
  • Reykjavík Impro Festival (2017)
  • Impro Amsterdam (2017)
  • Xanthi Comedy Festival, Greece (2016)
  • Tilt, Tallin (2016)
  • Mount Olymprov, Athens (2016)
  • SWIMP, Uppsala (2016 and 2018)
  • Improv Fest Ireland (2015, 2016)
  • Improfest, Gothenburg (2015)

Phyllida Sings!

An evening with a lady who isn't to be forgotten. You'll love her songs and her conversation, all inspired by the audience.

“The star of the festival” — Sirp Magazine, Estonia
“My jaw wouldn't leave the floor” — Swimp16, Sweden


Phil Lunn Is...

You remember him. He used to be big. Enjoy a star’s career retrospective, complete with all his hits as well as his personal highs and lows.

“A powerhouse of musical improv”—Open Your Mouth And Sing


More shows

I perform with many incredible groups, on stage and as a musician.

The Staccatos photo


I regularly perform music and on-stage with this great group, who have been a fixture of the London scene for many years.



An improvised comedy show performed by a cast of puppets for adults. Using table top Bunraku-style puppetry, Glitch improvise a brand new adventurous, action-packed and often emotional story from scratch at every performance.


Glitch Improv photo
Beings photo


Sometimes human but often not, Susan Harrison and Andrew Gentilli generate surreal, funny and occasionally beautiful stories.



Composed of the Hoopla teachers and friends, we perform a variety of shows at the Hoopla Impro Comedy Club.


Hoopla logo

And as a guest with many others, including...

I have been the resident musician at various festivals, including Mount Olymprov, Improdrom and Improv Fest Ireland.

I was a leader and the musical director of Music Box for four years.

I'm also proud to have been part of groups such as Scratch Impro, Shotgun and Made Up Like Tarts back when the London improv community was much smaller than it is today.


I teach and coach other improvisers.


Introduction to Musical Improv

This course covers song structures, rhyming, generating song ideas, and how to use music in your scenes. The next course starts on Monday 12 September and runs for eight weeks. There is more information and tickets available at Hoopla Impro.

Next steps in Musical Improv

In this course, we look at more advanced structures and patterns, and further explore group performances and scene work. There currently isn't a date set for this, though I'm hoping to have one up and running soon in 2020.

Other things

You might also see me sometimes teaching sessions on the Beginners or Performance courses at Hoopla.


Making People

Our characters drive the story through their actions and reactions, which in turn is largely driven by their personality. This workshops looks at key personality traits (taken from psychology theory) that are useful to think about when improvising, and using those to develop our characters and to direct how they behave in scenes.

The Core Of The Song

Whether we’re aiming for funny, moving, or a combination of the two, the best songs tend to have a clear hook, catchy lyrics, and a specific concept. Together we can think of these as the ‘core’ of the song. In this workshop, we’ll look at how we lock in on this ‘core’ in order to make our songs fun, memorable, and easier to perform.

All Together!

A workshop dedicated to creating songs as a group. We look at how to share lyrics and movement, and how to keep songs consistent between people. We also look at how to perform like a pop group—it's not all about musical theatre!


I also sometimes coach groups, or run tailored workshops for companies. You can email me to chat about this.

My blog

Some of my thoughts, and some resources for other improvisers.